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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Food and flowers

Baby Bradley
Patting his back

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Selah is well. No sickness. No more seizures. Still on the med. I have not noticed a behavior change since she has been on it. She saw her doctor on Monday, and he is going to send her up to OHSU in Portland to see a pediatric neurologist. Next Monday I am supposed to call and get her regestered. She did get her first molar on the right side last week. This week she is working on her bottom front left tooth. Her cute crooked smile will soon be gone... ;(

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Warning...Kind of a long post...Our day Monday and a prayer request...
Monday we were able to take the white baby turkey that had adopted our porch to the shelter. Boy, am I glad we do not have to take care of him anymore! Turkeys are messy! We came home, and Sey ate a yogurt for a snack around 4pm then went to play. I sat at the table talking with Cass until Cass had to leave. Sey became kind of clingy so I held her. She finally wanted down so I let her go, and she walked toward the living room. I heard a loud thump between the kitchen and living room. I looked toward the thump and saw Sey lying on her back, eyes fixed to the right, arms and legs jerking. I scooped her up and yelled, "She is seizing!" to Mason. We rushed out the door to the car. It was around 4:35. Poor little girl's lips turned blue, skin became white, mouth drooled, and she barely breathed. By the time we made it to the ER she was humming, but she was still out of it, not seeing us. They took us right in and were able to weigh her, take her temp (99. something), and give her an anti-seizure suppository. By 4:55 or 5 she was coming out of the seizure saying, "MaMa." We praised the Lord to hear those words! We had the same ER doctor this time as last time so that was cool. Of course, Sey was exhausted after the seizure and IV placement. She had blood work, a CT Scan, and a urine sample. All were good. Around 6pm Sey was feeling pretty hot so they checked her temp, and it was 102.8. They gave her tylenol. The ER doctor talked with a pediatric neuro doctor in Portland and the neuro doctor suggested that Sey be given phenobarbital(anti-seizure med) and be monitored over night. They are not sure if the fever is causing the seizure or the seizure is causing the fever. Sey had no more seizures through the night, and she was fine. We are thankful that she did not have 2 like last time. She also has no sign of sickness. I am not sure if I am happy about that or not. He also suggested that Sey be sent home on phenobarbital until she can be seen by a pediatric neuro doctor. They sent us home yesterday, and she is on phenobarbital twice daily. Putting her on that med has me kind of upset, but I am trying to put it in God's hands. I know He has put those doctors in our path for a reason and since 3 doctors agree to use this route I am trying to not worry about it. Today Sey is fine. She slept from 10:0o pm last night until 9:45am this morning, and ate everything in sight for breakfast and lunch. She sure likes to eat! She is napping right now. I was hoping to get Sey to see Dr Sharp this week so we can get the referral, but he will not be in his office until next week. Please pray that Sey will have no more seizures, that she will not have any ill effects from taking this med, that we will be able to see a neuro doctor soon, and that the doctor would be given wisdom on why Sey is having these seizures. Thank you so much for reading. May God bless you!
Also, we have a praise-- Dum and the kids may be able to close on their house possibly tomorrow. Yay!
Also, the baby is fine. We will find out the gender May 7! 3 more weeks.
airplane sighting

TV with Gump

Good morning!

Our hat trio

Daisy girl

Saturday, April 5, 2008

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa (Grammy and Poppy) last week. Sey had a blast visiting with them and Cooper.

Having fun