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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mye with Mini~Mye at nap time today

On March 15 when we saw Mye's neuro doc he increased her Trileptal to 6ml twice a day. This may be the highest he can go for her size. She will have some blood work next week to check her levels. We may have to switch meds again if she continues to have seizures. 

Mye did have a seizure Wednesday morning. She was coloring at the table in the computer room. She fell back onto the chalk board easel which broke her fall. Praise God! The seizure lasted under 2 min so she did not need the rescue medication. YAY! Her seizures have been shorter than they have been in the past. Possibly because of her daily med? I don't know... I am thankful though. Mye has had a runny nose since Monday so I have been checking her temp each evening. Monday night it was 100.1, rectal.. I kept a close eye on her all night and all day Tuesday. Tuesday night temp was 99.9. After her seizure on Wed her temp was 99.4.  Quite confusing... Weird how a little sickness can lower her seizure threshold.

Thank you so much for your prayers. Please continue to pray with us that she will have no further seizures. She is back to her normal self tonight. Not even a runny nose. YaY!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some may not know, but Mye had a trauma induced seizure on Thursday. She was on my knees when I dropped her, hitting the back of her head on the carpet causing a 2 min grand mal seizure. ( I feel like a worm.) When she was still in her post ictal state, groggy and limp, she kept laughing and saying "Me Gusta" (We had been watching Speekee earlier) and refused to speak in English. That really weirded me out.  Then she bit me in the arm HARD. Wow! I did not expect that. She never bites. Brain stuff is really weird.

The next day, Friday, Myelle had an MRI with anesthesia. We were at the hospital at 8:30. They were so behind that they did not get her in until noon. She was a trooper. Took the gas like a pro. We were out of the hospital after 3pm, ate lunch, and went to the mall. The girls and I were in the toy department at Target when Myelle had a seizure. I think, we traumatized a poor little girl who was in the isle with us. I attempted to explain it to her and Sey as I grabbed Mye out of the cart, placed her on the floor, grabbed her rescue meds, and called May. This seizure lasted only around 2 min. Mason came, and we started on our way out of the store. She was so limp and sooo out of it. Sey, Mye, and I waited at the front while Mason ran to the other side of the mall to get the car. When he got to the car he realized he did not have the keys so he had to come back and get them. Well, Mye had another seizure so I ran her to the bathroom. This seizure was a short one, too. Temp was 102.2, rectal. We finally got to the car where I coaxed her to take some Tylenol. We started to drive home. Well, before we got very far she had another seizure. Thankfully, this one was short, too. We decided we better take her back to the hosp in case she was having a reaction to the anesthesia or something. We had over an hour long drive to get home, and I did not want to face driving home stopping for seizures every 10 min. She ended up having no further seizures. We think maybe her seizure threshold was lowered even more than usual by the anesthesia. They gave her valium at the hospital, and I gave her some Saturday morning and Saturday night to rest her brain. She has had no further seizures and is not ill and her MRI is fine. Praise God! We even went to church on Sunday as well as cousin K's super birthday party on Sunday! We laid low today. She had a nice nap. She is her usual Mye Smile.

OH, by the way, Sey colored the background rainbow for me at online coloring. ;)

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