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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mye appointment update:

We saw Mye's neurologist on the 25th. He watched the video of her last recorded seizure and read her seizure log. He is concerned that her seizures are leaning toward epilepsy. He wants to taper her off her daily medication of keppra. He was fine with our suggestion that we do not replace the keppra with anything right now. He did suggest topamax, but we really would like to see where we are medication free. He wants us to keep him updated on her seizures and will see her in 5 months.

It is tricky tapering off seizure medication so by May 30 she will finally be keppra free. The doc did order a larger dose of her rescue med for us. Hopefully, that will bring her out of any seizure quicker.

Thank you so much for your prayers! Ever since that last post, Mye did not have any of her long screaming fits. God has blessed! That helped my sanity. :)

Please continue to pray that Mye grows out of these.