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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The autumn beauty~ Her hair matches the leaves perfectly

This one would rather make "chicken soup" than jump in leaves.

She was yelling, "Mom! Mom! Take a picture."

Her buddy Wooby

Picnic up the hill

The girls anticipated a wheelbarrow ride from Daddy all day.
I believe it was worth it. :0)

In between seizures. Love that hair.

After her second seizure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mye had a much better day Tuesday! :) No fever either. Thank you for your prayers!

Monday, October 17, 2011

This morning Mye woke up happy and played pretty well. She did continue to battle a fever throughout the day so we did our tylenol/Ibu alternations regularly. This evening she really started feeling ill. Refused dinner. Complained of sore throat. Whiny. We decided to take her in to urgent care. The doc said her right ear was slightly red so she ordered an antibiotic. The girls and I waited in the car while May went to get the med at the pharmacy. Mye fell asleep on me. Probably not a good idea. My body heat warmed her too much. I could not resist trying to comfort her in her misery though. Finally May came to the car and buckled Mye back in her seat. She started seizing. Ugh! He unbuckled her, put her in the passenger seat, and I gave her the rescue med. This time it lasted 2 min. It was 7:30. I sat in the back with the girls on the way home. When we made it home Mye was able to take Ibu/antibiotic/seizure med/yogurt/water.  She then fell asleep and has not moved since! I think tonight we will get a little more sleep. Sey is a little trooper. Quite helpful. I am so glad May has been here for both of these. Thank you for your prayers.
Sitting on the couch by a sleeping beauty right now.
We had a wonderfully full day of church and then fun at Moogie and Gumpy's house.
Sunday night we kind of had a rough night though.
Mye had a seizure.
We put the girls to bed at nine. Around 10:50pm I heard Mye say something so I went to check on her. She would respond to me, but she was groggy and a little twitchy. I knew something was not right so I went to get the tympanic thermometer. Temp 102.2. Oh, boy! I stripped her and grabbed the rectal thermometer to get a more accurate temp. As her temp was measuring, she went in to a grand mal. May ran to get her rescue medication called diastat, and I gave it to her. The seizure lasted only about 3 min. Thank the Lord!
She was so tired. I let her sleep for 20 minutes then coaxed her into taking some Ibu. We let her sleep again until midnight then I gave her some Tylenol. She continued to be out of it not saying anything that made since. At 12:15am Mye opened her eyes and started singing loudly and making the motions,"If your happy and you know it clap your hands (clap clap) If your happy and you know it say amen (AMEN!)" Totally wild timing, but totally awesome! We totally cracked up! God has an unexpected way of comforting us sometimes. It was also a cool illustration of rejoicing in the midst of trials. ;)
A few min later she was back to wailing and saying nonsense and pinching me. After awhile she calmed down and got back to saying a few more random stuff:  "Can I watch Halo Babies when Daddy comes home?" (Daddy was right there.) "He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name sake." (That one kind of worried me since it was psalm 23 ;) "I don't want the burger." (There was no food anywhere)"The grey stuff is pig."(She usually says that when she eats sausage) "Remember the sabbath day and keep it Holy." What surprised me the most was that even though she was out of it. She was quoting scripture.  Let me encourage you to keep on telling those kiddos about Jesus. It IS getting into them and comes out, even when they are vulnerable.  God Is So Good!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My favorite sister had a pretty special birthday recently. ;)

May was happy that we went with him up to Portland to see him street preach at the Saturday market. May did great, and  the girls were amazingly cooperative.

September has become my favorite month.
I love fall colors.
I love unpredictable fall weather.

Five years ago God chose this month to bless us with a fiery little red head.
Three years ago He blessed us with Mye Smile.

Enjoy a few birthday pictures with me. . .