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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Well, we are all doing well. Taking a day at a time.
Sey is now 22 months old, and May had a birthday a few days ago. Cas and Dum kindly watched Sey so I could take Mason to a movie. That was fun. Sey did ok, but for a while she was upset we left her.
Hopefully, soon My will have a birthday! I think her biggest growth spurt was last week. She seems huge all of a sudden. :-)
It is 10:48am right now, and Selah is still asleep! I guess, I better check on her, but this morning has been kind of nice and quiet.
May is at sk8 church right now helping remodel it. It is looking really nice. The kids should love it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Danny K doo
Waving at a deer up our hill.


Cousin A B-day party!

Cousin B B-day party!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Thank you for your prayers. Sey is ok. No fevers since the 4th. However, she ended up not having a uti after all. At the hospital they detected blood in her urine sample(most likely from the cath trauma), but we found out today that the culture did not grow out anything. Sunday she started to have a scratchy voice, and today she has developed a cough. I guess, she has a nasty virus. I talked with her pediatric neurologist's nurse today, and we are waiting to see what the neurologist will say about the seizure. Sey's next appt up there is not until Oct 20.
I heard My's heartbeat today. She was happily kicking the doppler as we tried to listen. In one month we will get to see another ultrasound of her to check to see if we will have another nine pounder. I know those are not quite accurate, but I am kinda sure that we are not going to have a dainty lass. :-)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

HAPPY( UM, WELL) HAPPY FIFTH OF JULY! We are celebrating it the fifth anyway.
On the 3rd Sey developed a fever of 102.2 at 10 pm, and I gave her Tylenol. She did not really have any obvious signs of sickness other than being hot. I, of course, was worrying about a possible seizure. Sey was singing Cebu and running around like a wild woman. By 11:10 her fever was up to 102.7. That kind of worried me, but by 11:50 it started to come down and was 101. At 2:20am her temp was 99.7, and I gave her Ibu. At 6 am her temp was 100, and I gave her Tylenol. I called the doctor on call, and he told me to continue to alternate the Tylenol and ibu and not worry about taking her in to the ER since she was drinking and eating fine. At 10am her temp was 100. 9 so I gave her some more ibu. She ate all of her cream of wheat and applesauce for breakfast and drank a ton. She played around and was kind of mellow. She sat on me for awhile just resting and reading a book. I figured she needed to go to bed so I quickly took the above picture and undressed her and put her in bed. I went to the kitchen and ate a cookie and drank a glass of milk, and then I went back to her room to lay on the spare bed with her because I was exhausted too. Well, I found Sey lying on her left side where I had put her, but she was having a seizure. Her eyes were fixed to the left. She would not respond. She drooled. Her arms and legs were clinched up. It was 12:28pm. I am embarrassed to say, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad. Well, I scooped her up, ran to the bathroom, did my business holding a seizing baby because I did not want her out of my sight, and then ran with her to my bedroom where I laid her down. At 12:41 she was still seizing even though it sounded like she was crying, and I finally decided to give her her rescue med called Diastat. By 12:46 her seizure stopped. She focused on me, and when I asked her to say "Moogie"-- she really tried but couldn't quite get it out. She then started to cry her normal cry. That seizure was over 18 minutes long! I decided to go ahead and take her to the ER because she is definitely sick for some reason. Mason met me there. Well, she has a UTI. I am so thankful that this time we were able to see that the fever was a trigger for this seizure. Sey is now on an antibiotic. On Monday I will call her neuro doc to see what he has to say about it. She is still on the phenobarbital every night, but it did not prevent the seizure. Weird. I am so thankful to God that Sey is Ok. She went to bed tonight around 10pm. I need to go in and give her some Tylenol pretty soon. This is the 4th seizure she has had. Please pray with me that she does not have any more. It is still stressful even though I know what to expect now.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Two months or so until we see My! Yay! She has the hiccoughs right now. ;-)
We have been busy with remodeling our bathroom, and we finally finished last night! It is nice. I like it. It is PURPLE. Who would have thought? We put this pic of Sey's dirty little foot up in it. I thought it was appropriate. ;-) The bathroom theme is actually: bugs. Thank you, Lord, for giving us the opportunity to remodel.