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Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Mason made arrangements for an overnighter for my birthday at the coast without the girls on the 27th. That  morning at 7 am before we left, Myelle woke crying. I rushed to her room, as usual. and found she would not answer my questions. Just cried. The left side of her face and hair were drenched in saliva, and she had peed in bed. UH-OH. Most likely had had a seizure.  Cleaned her up. T 98.8. Carried her to the couch where she eventually calmed and then went to sleep until around 9am. When she woke she continued weepy, but did answer my questions. Weak. Complained of her legs aching and a headache on the right side of her head. I gave her Tylenol and by 10:00 she said, "I feel all better!" And... she was back to her normal self! My Mom still wanted to watch the girls overnight so trusting God we left the girls with my parents. We all had a great time and no further issues and are all home now ready for bed. :)                   

Friday, June 15, 2012

2 new picture posts.
This post is May.
Mr. A up from Mexico

Mr. E made it in the pool.

water fight

Miss T up from Mexico

"Cousins"  trip to Wildlife Safari

Lion tug of war. Ummm... the lion won. :)

watchin' the tug of war action

Thank you Sheila!
Some random pictures from April/May

YaY! cookies!

Mini croquet with Daddy

Planting spinach

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mye has been keppra free since May 28. YAY!  So far so good.  Last Sunday she had an ear infection, but she had no fever and no seizure. She was put on antibiotics which knocked it out quickly. Praise the Lord!

On May 26 Mye did have a seizure. I forgot a Keppra dose 2 times in a row. She had a seizure like it one time before at a hotel on our way home from Mexico in March. My Mom (who was with us when Mye was acting oddly) recently reminded me of it. I kept trying to deny that it was a seizure. What she does is turn her head to the left and her eyes deviate up and to the left. The odd thing is that she can look at you and respond when you ask a question, but then she turns her head and eyes back to the left again.
Below is the note I made on her seizure tracker site:

May 26, 2012
Time: 1:00pm
Mood: Normal
Type: Complex Partial
Possible Triggers: Changes in Medication (including late or missed);
Notes: I forgot her .5ml Keppra night before and that morning. No fever.
Description: Had an aura; Change in awareness; Loss of ability to communicate;
Notes: c/o stomach ache. She turned her head to the left and her eyes deviated to the left and up. When I would ask her a question she would look at me, respond, but then turn head to left again and her eyes would go left and up. Right hand slight pinching movement. Gave diastat about 7 min in to the seizure. Video taken
Post Event: Unable to communicate; Muscle weakness; Sleepy;
Notes: Went to sleep. No crying. Woke up around 3:45 and was a little wobbly. Talking appropriately. 10 min after waking up. C/O headache "right here" pointing to upper right side of head and "not here" on left side. Gave her Tylenol, and pain only lasted around 10 min.