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Saturday, March 20, 2010

We went to WS a few weeks ago.Took a "walk walk walk" as Mye would say. 
Baby girl is 18 mo. 
Last Saturday Mye had her third seizure this time in the bathtub! Good thing I was expecting it and was holding her. It only lasted 3 min because this time I knew right were her rescue med was and it worked immediately. The seizure was definitely fever related. She ended up with an ear infection. Both eyes were really goopy, swollen and even bruised as you can see in the St. Patrick's Day pic.      
Today in the sunshine!
Wet one posing.

St Patrick's Day craft for the grandparents. 
Ohhh! Can't forget Mr. K had his 7th b-day this week! 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The top picture is what my baby's cheeks have looked like for a long time. They are even redder than that picture most of the time, and the dots are always there.  Well, I took some drastic measures last week and took her off of dairy and eggs. Look what happened after only one week! She still has some redness and a couple dots, but I praise the Lord it does look better.