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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Please Pray

As I write this my heart is heavy. Uncle Barry is very ill. A nurse called us at 3:30am asking us if we wanted him to be sent to the hospital. We said yes. He had three seizures during the night. He is in the hospital. He is on comfort measures only. He is on oxygen and IV medication. I believe, he has a patch that is for pain relief. Mason went in at 4 this am to be with him and stayed until 6am. He then went to men's prayer at church and then went back to see Uncle Barry. Barry seems very tired (No wonder!). Mason was not sure if he recognized him. Barry did try to talk to Mason. Please pray for Uncle Barry. I talked to his Doctor this morning. He was very kind but honest. He is not sure if Barry will pull through this. The doctor believes that he has pneumonia, and Uncle Barry continuously battles a uti. Thank you for reading and praying.

Also, could you pray for Pat and Rhiannon. A tree fell on their house during the ice storms in Oklahoma, and they do not have any power. I am thankful they are ok. Please pray they will get power soon. Right now they are staying with a friend. Thanks.

But I cry to you for help, O Lord; in the morning my prayer comes before you. Ps 88:13

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