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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Thought I would post here since I have to stay up until 12:30am so I can check Sey's temp and give her some Tylenol. Today Sey woke up with a dry cough. She seemed to be ok throughout the day. I took a few pictures. Tonight I was snuggling with her on the couch reading to her some of her favorite books. She felt cool so we had a blanket on us. Well, she stiffened up and her whole body started jerking. I thank God I was holding her! I placed her on the floor, yelled for May, and we waited out the seizure. May held her this time, and I got to video it. It lasted 3 min. After the seizure she was very hot to the touch. It is amazing how in her little body her temperature skyrockets so fast. She then had ten minutes of weakness, disorientation, and occasional crying. She was then very clingy for quite awhile. She went to bed after 9:30. Off to check her temp...94.9... Yay! It kind of went way down. Not sure if that is good or not. ;) Good night!
James 5:13 Is anyone of you in trouble, he should pray. Is anyone happy, let him sing songs of praise.

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