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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mye!
It is now 12:00am as I type this. Today is the day our little Mye turns one! I planned on going to bed early, but Mye had tummy trouble and then finally went down. When I was almost asleep Sey started to call out saying she was scared. So here I am going down memory lane as I wait to see if they will stay asleep. Mye now says Mama, Dada, Hi, Uh Oh, and Night Night. She likes books and likes to growl when we look through her picture animal book. She likes to pester her sister, but hollers when her sister even looks at her. She squeals for joy when Daddy comes home. She loves to eat and loves her bath. Can sign~ eat, milk, and bath. Waves, Claps, mimics any noise I make, mimics any gesture I make, and walks assisted. She blows bubbles with her spit and makes zerbits on my leg. Her laugh makes my heart sing.
Thank you, Jesus, for giving us our little Mye Smile. Give us wisdom on how to raise her, and may she grow in love with You.