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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Below is just a mini snapshot of what has been going on the past few months.
The girls had some ear infections, but now they are quite healthy. :)
Mye has had no further seizure since the last one I posted. After that seizure her doctor changed her medication to Keppra. Ugh. Reading the side effects makes me ill... We slowly titrated the medication up. So far so good. Next week we start titrating the Trileptal down.


3 1/2 inches gone!
 I learned the hard way that cutting curly hair is way different than straight hair!
oops. Here you can't tell too bad,
 but when her hair dried more the curls in the middle drew up more than the sides.
I am not about to cut it shorter. O well. ;) 

Girls freezing to death.

Tasha fun!

Mr. K is now 8! Can that be?

In line for Pinata

I painted our schoolroom, made curtains,
and found a new table for the girls to color at. 

A rare Ry sighting

Tree outside the girl's window.

Cass visited!

Purim party costumes (Sey insisted on being David. Mye is Queen Esther)

Teacher Sheilah(a friend from church) took us girls to Wildlife. We had a blast with her! She drove the train for us and took us on a tiger encounter. We were able to feed George the elephant as well as experience an elephant car wash. Sey was even able to ride a camel!


Abbie said...

Fun! I love the school area ;)

All4HisGlory said...

The school room looks almost the same color as Tai and Asa's green :) And your hair cut looks good- just say it was meant to be A-Line ;)
We miss you guys-- and Sheilah too!! ... see you in 7 days!! :-D

;-) said...

Thanks, Guys!
Shae the green is Green Energy from Home Depot.
The comment about the A-line made me laugh. Oh, yes... That is the look we were aiming for. ;)
Yay, 1 week!