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Thursday, March 12, 2009

I wanted to write this down before I completely forgot all that happened...

It was Wednesday morning. Mye was a bit crabby. I thought she was hungry so I fed her again. As I carried her to the bathroom she threw up a ton. She then seemed much better so I decided to go ahead and go into town to buy Kai a shirt to go with his Ironman rocket for his birthday.
We met up with Moogie at Carl's Jr. There were a ton of people in line. I went ahead and stood in line while Moogie sat with Selah and little Mye who was sleeping in her car seat. As I finished filling Sey's drink cup, Mom yelled across Carl's, "Layla, Come here NOW!" Leaving Sey's drink, I ran to my girls. Mye was lying in her car seat gently gerking every extremity, her head turned to the right, her eyes nonfocusing but sporatically moving. I looked at my phone: 12:25pm. Mom was holding her hand over her mouth, staring at Mye, saying over and over again, "NOT HER, TOO!" I gently picked up Myelle, took her jacket off, tried to calm Moogie, and comfort Selah.
Moogie said that Mye had woken up from her nap and smiled at Moogie. Moogie then talked with Sey for a bit and when Moog looked back at Mye she saw her foot rhythmically move so she peeked in at her again and found her seizing.
After a few minutes of indecision, I decided to load everyone up in my car and go to the hospital. Myelle seized the whole way. Praise God, Moogie, was with me so that she could take care of Sey! I was able to drive up to the emergency room, grab Mye's car seat, and run her in. They took one look at her and rushed us into their trauma room. She was given oxygen. They hooked her up to a pulse oximeter and a heart monitor. I was a wreck. I could not believe how long it was lasting. The seizure would not stop! After numerous pokes they were able to get an IV started. At 12:50 they finally gave her ativan IV. She stopped the tremors at 1252. Such a small baby under the power of something so exhausting! At some point I was able to call Mason at work, and he was able to come in. I was so happy to see him! The next hour they did numerous tests: temp 100.2, bloodwork, UA, Chest x-ray, CT scan.
The pedeatric doctor was preparing to do a spinal tap when someone came to the curtain, pointed at Mason, and rushed him out of the room. I was confused. Then the doctor said, "Did they just bring in your other little girl?" I said, "What????" She said, "I think your other daughter is having a seizure." I left Mye with the Doctor and nurse who were still preparing to do the spinal tap and ran to the other room where they said Sey was. Poor crying Moogie was sitting just outside the door with Gumpy standing beside her. Apparently what happened was that Sey was playing with Gumpy outside the ER. She fell face down, started jerking, and would not get up. Dad scooped her up and ran her into the ER. When I went in the room, Sey had her Daddy hovering over her as well as nursing staff. She was disoriented, but not seizing anymore. T 100.5 I let her know that I was there and that I loved her, and then went back to Mye. It was about 2:35pm. The doctor was just finishing up Mye's tap, and she was already asleep. I stayed with Mye, and Mason stayed with Sey. The nice security lady who Mason knew from work kept us informed on each other.
Well, each of Mye's tests came back just fine. Praise God! They kept her overnight for observation. Sey was given an IV of phenobarbital since her level was low, and they did a CT scan since she hit her head when she fell. She was fine so they sent her home with Mason. They ended up having a terrible night. I guess she threw up 3 or 4 times--just generally did not feel well.
Mye did not have a super night either--diarrhea, crying A LOT. I did a lot of holding my baby girl. The doctor order her ranitidine. I am curious to see if it will help her tummy issues. Neither girl had another seizure. The next morning Mye had an EEG. She was such a good girl. She went right to sleep as the tech started putting the 28 electrodes on her head. She only cried at the end when I had to wake her up to keep her up for the last 15 min of the test. Oh, yeah, she did not like us taking the tape off of her head either. ;( I believe, that the EEG was fine, too. Our girls just do not like fevers. :(
Boy, do I hope they grow out of it! You never know when it will strike. They act just fine---then---wham! Their out. Praise God it is something so minor!
"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." Jn 14:27

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